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Man Gets Sweetest Revenge on His Extremely Racist Neighbor

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This guy gets the last bite of this delicious payback plan

Neighbors. You gotta love them! Having great neighbors can not only make your house feel like a home, but they can turn your entire neighborhood into a relaxing oasis. Most people can count on their neighbors to lend a helping hand (that is, if they share the same street with halfway decent individuals). But living next door to someone doesn’t always equate to harmony or even peace, especially if you’ve got prying eyes peeking through your fence examining your every move and making absurd assumptions.

For one man, being a resident of this gated community for eleven years proved to be of no use in establishing great relationships with his neighbors. See how one neighbor’s attempt at running him out of the subdivision backfired on them!

package on the doorstep

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See the special delivery that caused him to plot the perfect return favor