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Woman Live-Tweets 2 Wives At Airport Scheming To Fly Cross-Country To Catch Cheating Husbands

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This is the most dramatic story of 2017

Infidelity is an awful thing to do to someone, yet it happens so frequently that it seems like the norm.

Two middle-aged women who never met before somehow found out that their husbands were having affairs. It wasn’t just the typical thing though — the men were allegedly getting it on with each other. The cheating husbands both arranged a “business trip” to Chicago, and the suspicious women somehow got in touch with each other to share information. Through their investigation, they started to realize that their men were secretly in love with each other.

The women headed to the airport to follow their husbands and confront them. That’s when they encountered 27-year-old Brittney-Jade Colangelo at the airport’s bar, and she was extremely interested in their story even though the married women had no clue she was listening.

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Source: Twitter @bjcolangelo