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Man FORCED to Have P*nis Amputated After Enduring a WEEK-LONG Hard On

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He's going to miss that thing

It seems like there’s nothing most men are more attached to than their peen. There’s all sorts of science out there that shows the men not only like to flaunt what they’ve got and use it as a means to compare themselves to other guys, but they also use all kinds of surrogates to imply that theirs is bigger, better, and fancier than everyone else’s. Think about it: how many times have you seen a man driving a fancy car and said, “I wonder what he’s compensating for”?

It’s real. Dudes love a good phallic symbol to show off their prowess.

Unfortunately for one man out there, he lost most of his after ignoring an obviously distressing symptom — and a serious diagnosis.

man in bed looking at crotch

Credit: Feel Photo Art/Shutterstock