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Man Problems That Women Don’t Usually Understand

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Guys have their own sets of problems

When a lot of guys hear the word “feminist” they get this idea of a woman-hating man screaming about the patriarchy. But real men know feminism is about equality. Women want to be paid the same as you. We want to be taken seriously in our workplaces. We want to feel safe walking home at night. That said, we also want things for you! We want men to stop being told to “man up” or being forced to play sports when they don’t want to.

While there a lot of groups for women to express their frustrations that come along their gender, it’s much harder to find a men’s group that is full of positivity and support for emotional issues. Which, by the way, is just as much an problem of the patriarchy as all the things that make life hard for women!

Here are some things that the average guy faces, that they aren’t supposed to talk about.

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