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Man Accidentally Sends Not So Innocent Picture of His GF to His Mom

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Sorry, Mom!

The last thing anyone wants is for their parents to find out what they do in the bedroom. Especially when you’re… a little freaky.

One man from Murfreesboro, Tennessee thought he was sending his mother a cute picture of his girlfriend. He wanted to let her know that she liked the shirt she gave her as a gift and took a snap of her wearing it in bed. He even took it a step further and posted the picture to his own Twitter feed to share it with others. However, it wasn’t long before fellow Twitter users pointed out an embarrassing (and rather kinky) mistake.

The man, a 22-year-old named Maison Vallance, didn’t realize that he had accidentally forgot to take down the red rope he had affixed above his bed. Judging by the placement of it and it’s arm-level holes, let’s just say this rope wasn’t for practicing sailor’s knots while watching Netflix…

Obviously Twitter had a field day with Maison’s embarrassing mistake and it reminds us a valuable lesson about double checking messages before sending… especially to your mother.

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Credit: Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock