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Meet the Man Who Spent More Than $32,000 to Transform Himself Into “Trans-Species” Elf

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Being admired for uniqueness drove him to it

It’s absolutely incredible how people can change their bodies with modern technology. They can change their skin color, their size, and even their gender. They can cover themselves in tattoos and get dermal implants to look more like animals, but this may very well be the first case of a “trans-species.” A young man in South America has decided that he wants to fully become a creature that only exists in fantasy: an elf.

He said, “I don’t consider this an obsession, but in fantasy you have all of the hope, love, friendship and good feelings. This has changed my life for good in so many ways, I can’t even begin to describe it.” He describes what went into his controversial and expensive quest next!

Source: Instagram @luispadron_plasticprince

He's much happier now that he's changing his species