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Man Threatened to Leak Her Nudes but Here’s What She Did

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As long as there are camera phones, there will perverts out there trying to steal nudes that are none of their business. It’s not enough for some guys to see thousands of adult film stars, camgirls, and amateurs: They want the girl next door, their ex girlfriend, or crush.

A lot of guys get really defensive about women’s nude photos going public. While it is an invasion of privacy, embarrassing, and violating, these dudes make excuses, blaming the victim for because of their own pervertedness and sexual greed. In no way is it ever okay to hack into someone’s phone or computer and steal their personal photos with disgusting intentions.

Many of these man-children use threats and demands to get the victim to do their bidding. But this woman in India didn’t play her harasser’s game.

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