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Man Asks For Positive Celebrity Stories and Twitter Blew It out of the Water

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They're still people, after all

There seems to be a lot of dirt covering the golden glamour of Hollywood right now. Actors are accusing studio executives and agents of touching them inappropriately, actors are being accused of committing criminal acts against fans, and adults are saying that they were attacked by well-known figures when they were just children.

It can really tarnish your view of the rich and famous.

However, not everyone who’s worked in La La Land leads a double life. Twitter user @BAKKOOON asked his internet friends, “If anyone has any nice allegations against a celebrity that would be great too. Does a famous actor give good Christmas presents? Does [a] lady comedian always smoke people out?”

He received tons of stories about all of the good people still in Hollywood.

julianne moore on the red carpet

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