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Man Who Appeared on Presidential Debate Becomes Overnight Meme Sensation

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Ken Bone is the hero we need, but not the hero we deserve.

Did you watch the second presidential debate last night?

Already being called “the most-tweeted” debate ever, it makes perfect sense that as social media becomes an ever more prevalent force in our society, many of us take to Twitter, Facebook, and other outlets to react to such important events in real time.

Of course, not everybody is there to post about the politics at hand. In fact, as Trump has proven time and again in his divisive campaign, anything is fair game. Needless to say, last night’s debate rattled fans, more often because of tangential happenings than strictly because of the matter at hand. From Trump’s cringeworthy save-face after his sexual assault comments and his cantankerous, even infantile attitude about how time was being allotted, to the fly on Hillary’s face or the lively bunch of “undecided voters” on the stage, social media users had A LOT to talk about last night.

But nothing was more pleasing to the online community than the brief appearance of Ken Bones, a man from the St. Louis area who was able to ask a question about energy during the debate. From his portly stature to that bright red sweater, he was instantly adored by fans at home, and now he’s skyrocketed to internet and media fame.

Ladies and gentlemen: Ken Bone.

ken bone presidential debate red sweater

Source: NBC

A meme legend was born.