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Man Victorious in Absurd Viral Battle With Bad Neighbors

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After Months of Living in Fear...

Who on this Earth hasn’t lived next door to, above, or below someone they just couldn’t get along with? Neighbors can be obnoxious because they make too much noise, they cook smelly food, or they’re serial killers. Could you imagine living in that apartment building next to Jeffrey Dahmer? But I digress…

Then there’s the other kind of neighbor who terrorizes you, saying that you’re the bad one. This situation is way harder to navigate because while you’re the real victim, they’re claiming that you’re the attacker, assaulting them with noise or other such things.

One man out there knew this struggle all too well. For months, his bad neighbors barraged him with texts, complaints, and violations for doing nothing at times, all while they whooped and hollered like there was no tomorrow. There were even threats of physical violence as well as police intervention. He documented these difficult months on Imgur; it’s a fascinating look into how bad things can get when you’ve got a case of terrible neighbors.

Man at night can't fall asleep because of the noisy neighbor Image ID:255477700 Copyright: Valery Sidelnykov

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We've all had bouts with neighbors, but this one is the absolute worst