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If You Find These Lumps on Your Dog, Take Him to the Vet Immediately

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Recognize the Signs

For many of us, pets are like family. In fact, for most pet owners, pets are even closer than some human family members.

After all, what’s not to love? Pets are like the children we never had, or the friends who are always there as our other friends move away or focus on their own careers and families. Pets beg us not to leave in the morning but are always home to welcome us in the evenings. Many pets demonstrate a type of unconditional love that most of us could only ever dream of receiving from another human, save perhaps for a small child. And while they may not be able to communicate in the way we’re used to communicating with other people, those of us who have pets that we love and adore know the meaning of each sound, each look, each movement and behavior, and in our own way, that’s communication enough.

But as you well know, having a pet is an enormous responsibility, as you will always be responsible for another life as long as they are around. And while most children quickly get to an age where they are able to vocalize and even describe any problems, pains, or ailments they may be experiencing, a pet can only do so much to let you know something is wrong. Sure, if a pet is sick, there are the obvious signs and markers; you may even notice a simple change in behavior that alerts you to a larger issue. In many cases, however, a pet may only feel some discomfort or only be suffering to a minor extent from a much more serious problem that won’t rear its ugly head until it’s too late.

A veterinarian clinic in the Gambia has helped raise awareness for a startling and severe health issue faced by many animals, including our beloved pets. These are the signs you need to look out for.

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