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This Mom Was Tired of Picture Perfect Pregnancies on Social Media, So She Took Matters Into Her Own Hands

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It may not be perfect, but it's full of love

Maya Vorderstrasse and her husband Tim keep their Instagram game pretty strong, but they aren’t just doing it for the attention. They’re doing it to make a point. The couple started their account to combat all of the stuff they were seeing out there that made pregnancy look like a breeze.

“Honestly I was so tired of seeing motherhood portrayed as perfect, flawless, and effortless on social media because I never felt like it was like that for me. So I embraced my chaotic life, and decided to share it with everyone in the hopes of helping other mothers realize that it’s OK to not have it all figured out,” Maya said. And people are loving her fantastic (and real) photos about motherhood.

maya with two babies

Source: Instagram @mayavorderstrasse