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10 Medieval Hygiene Practices That Will Gross You Out

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The Dark Ages were darker than I thought

Could you handle going without a shower for a few days, let alone months, or even a year? We love feeling zesty, clean, and totally fresh, so it’s difficult for most of us to leave the house without feeling properly pampered, lotioned, and dressed (in machine-washed undies), but the people of the Middle Ages weren’t so lucky. When you live on a dirt floor, under a thatched roof, amidst human feces flowing in the streets, feeling “clean” was a privilege, and even the rich rarely changed their clothes.

Before the advent of modern toilets, chemicals, plumbing, electricity—the list goes on—humans had to go about taking care of themselves in some pretty strange and uniquely disgusting ways, especially when it came to dealing with their personal hygiene.

Here are some of the most nauseating practices we found in our history books.

Medieval Bathing

Plug your nose and take a peek.