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Millennials Tweet the Most Savage Comebacks at Whining Baby Boomers

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Enough with the avocado jokes, already...

Poor Millennials. It seems like nothing they do is right ― according to some Baby Boomers at least. Paper instead of cloth napkins? Really, Millennials? Marmalade sales down? How dare you, Millennials. Sprained your ankle? God, you Millennials. If as if many Baby Boomers can’t comprehend that society changes, especially with technology.

I was born at the tail end of Generation X. There weren’t easily accessible forums online for our elders to complain about us being angsty, disillusioned, and listening to that Nirvana too loud.

Many of my friends are Millennials, and while I do see the stereotypical one here and there, most of them are just young human beings struggling to get by like everyone else. Except for one difference: They are a lot funnier than Baby Boomers.

Check out their sick burns on social media that will have Baby Boomers shaking their fists…

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