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Dog Goes Missing, Comes Back With A Tag Telling His Owner’s He’s Now A Hero

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Louis couldn't let his neighbor remain trapped

Dogs have been bred throughout the ages to do certain jobs. Thanks to impeccable instincts, these breeds are so proficient in their jobs that many need little training to begin working! Take, for example, sheepdogs. They have been bred for centuries to herd and track animals on farms, and their skills don’t stop if they’re not circling cows and sheep. Despite never being trained, New Zealand author Marolyn Diver-Dudfield’s sheepdog was bred for exactly these reasons and used them when it counted most! The elderly pooch became a hero one afternoon totally unbeknownst to the family.

Marolyn Diver is an author of New Zealand history, but she may be getting into the children’s literature market since she’s got such a great true story to tell about the heroic actions of her family pet. She went to visit her parents who owned 12-year-old Louis. They rescued Louis from a shelter when he was just a pup, and he was accustomed to sneaking off for adventures in the rural area in which the family lived. Because of his advanced age, he wasn’t wandering as much anymore… but that didn’t stop him from coming through when the community needed it most.

louis the dog in the sun

Credit: Marolyn Diver-Dudfield via The Dodo