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Mom Accused of Child Abuse After Adorable Viral Video of Baby Trying Wasabi for First Time

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Digital Parenting

Perhaps one of the most obvious ways that the internet and the proliferation of viral videos and content have changed our world is that now we’re hyper-aware of what other people are doing at all times.

Should you choose to participate in the omnipresent show and tell that is social media, you’re likely aware of the vacations, the new jobs, the engagement photo shoots, the breakups, the graduations, the babies (oh, all of the babies), and so much more. Especially when it comes to all things visual, other people’s lives might look curated to the point of perfection. Of course, through all this, the most you can do is keep being your best self (and turn off the screen if people’s posts are bringing you down).

With all of this content and sensory input every second of the day, we’ve also opened the Pandora’s box of rampant criticism. In the past, our private lives were private. Some of your family, friends, and old school chums might never even have known what you were up to, which left you more freedom to do as you pleased without worrying about what people would say or think.

If you still don’t care about this criticism, often coming safely from the other side of the screen, more power to you! But when these attacks rise to the level of becoming serious or even legal complaints, it might be time to start worrying.

rosie baby tries wasabi first time video

Source: Facebook/Unilad/Cheryl Klepper