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Mother Furiously Lashes Out Against Parents Who Send Their Sick Children to School

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"Tears and anger both flowed for me at school today"

Times have changed and people are heading off to the office more than ever. With the cost of living becoming increasingly inflated decade after decade, it’s less and less likely to have a stay-at-home parent in a family. When a child becomes ill, keeping them at home can be a challenge if a parent just can’t take the time off of work.

Maria Jordan MacKeigan’s daughter Jordan Grace has Downs syndrome — she has a low immune system and is susceptible to infection. If Jordan interacts with someone with even a mild cold, it could turn into something far more serious for her. That’s why Maria wants parents to figure out how to keep their sick kids out of school in an effort to protect her own daughter.

maria and jordan

Source: Instagram @mommytor_az