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World’s ‘Wurst’ Mom Leaves Kids Alone at Home During Solo Trip… to GERMANY

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What was going through this mom's mind?!

Parents can get pretty aggravated that they have to deal with their kids all the time, especially if they’re a single parent. They may even have thoughts about just leaving their current lives behind and running off to find a new one, but it’s extremely rare that it actually happens. You love your children and want to be there for them every step of the way, even if it’s trying sometimes.

Erin Lee Macke had the urge to get away from her four children for a while, however she forgot one thing: to find them a babysitter. She may have gotten what she wanted, in part, though, as Erin Lee may not see her children for a very long time now that she’s been accused of leaving her kids to fend for themselves while she traveled abroad.

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