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“Thanks For Giving a F*ck About My Kids”: Mom Writes Powerful Letter to Her Friends Without Children

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The struggle to keep your friends is real

When you start having children, your priorities change, and your relationships with friends and family can change, too. You can’t go out because the kids have school in the morning; you have to get them ready. You can’t join the group for a drink at the bar because you have no one to watch the kids. You can’t attend the concert of your favorite band because the kids will wake you up early on Saturday morning. You don’t have nearly as much free time and are bound to do specific things and go places that are kid-friendly. You may feel as though some of your friends are just moving on without you, and it can cause a lot of emotional pain.

But not everyone will go away. Hopefully you’ve got at least one person who will be there for you when you’ve got to stay home with the kids and who doesn’t mind helping out with them when you need it. Blogger Constance Hall knows this new lifestyle well, and she had a few words for her friends that aren’t parents. She started off her heartfelt (and hilarious) letter to them, “Dear friends without children. There is something I need to say to you….. Thanks.”

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