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To Open or Not To Open: Guy Panics After Mom Sends Him Pics “Meant For Dad”

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Dare he open it?!

We’ve all received a message, text, or email not intended for us. Sometimes it’s just an innocent wrong number or a person sending an innocent, accidental text to one friend instead of another. But once in a while we get something juicy in our hands. Receiving gossip, bad mouthing, or something sexy meant for someone else can either be juicy and funny or absolutely horrible.

What what you do if you got a preview alert on your phone that said, “Sorry, that was mean for someone else.” Would you open it? What if the sender was your own mother? As we grow older, we realize that our parents have their own lives and are even still into, um, knocking boots. So these photos could very well be of the naughty sort.

This is the conundrum poor Liam McDonald had to face when his mother sent him three photos and a message that said “Sorry meant for dad.” To open or not to open?

Read on to find out what the photos revealed.

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Credit: Jacob Lund/Shutterstock