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Mom Sparks Furious Debate About Whether It’s Okay for People to HATE Children

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So, ageism is okay now?

While there is technically no such thing as a wrong opinion, there are certain point-of-views that are less socially acceptable than others. Take racism, sexism, or ableism, for example. While you’re allowed to believe in these things, most people are going to bash you for it (and they should). That said, it is relatively okay to voice negative opinions about people of certain political groups or age groups.

When this mom, Mumsnet user allegretto, sat down and thought about it… She realized that saying you “hate” children is just as bad as saying you hate any other group of people. She couldn’t seem to see the difference between saying “I hate children” and “I hate (insert any racial group).”

“If you hate children, you are hating them for their age – how is this different from hating someone for skin colour?” she queried on Mumsnet.

Rightly so, the topic sparked an online debate that sent Mumsnet users into an uproar.

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