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Hilarious Photos of Your Favorite Movie Scenes Before CGI Is Added

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So that's how they do it...

For over 20 years, CGI has been completely transforming the TV, movie, and gaming industries.

Though there’s much to be said about producing all your special effects by hand or using classic animation to bring your stories to life, CGI is an incredible art form that has brought to life new worlds and characters we only could have imagined in the past.

And while the finished product often looks amazing on screen (and getting better all the time!), the actual filming process can be somewhat… awkward.

From actors in skin tight suits to disembodied green hands floating in the air, there’s a lot the audience will never see going on behind the scenes… until now.

Do these ruin your favorite movie or make it better?

lord of the rings gollum new line cinema

Credit: New Line Cinema