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Muslim Teen Shuts Down Trolls With the Help of Her Dad

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Breaking Tradition

Parents play an undeniable role in the lives of their children. Because of this, strong parenting skills and lots of support are needed in the very early stages of childhood development. Most of our beliefs, morals, and values are shaped by our parents; we even tend to follow in their footsteps (in what seems like synchronicity).

However, there are instances where children end up being vastly different from their parents. Once they are more mature with a better understanding of the world around them, children (or teenagers, rather) may desire to abandon the more traditional values of their predecessors and incorporate more modern values into their own lives.

One muslim girl decided to do just that; the support she received from her father is truly heartwarming.

Source: YouTube @NikeWomen

See what happens when this Muslim teen asks her dad's opinion on wearing the hijab.