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Mystery Vegas Couple Lying On The Ground Managed To Flee Massacre

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They were safe, but many others were not

The recent shooting in Las Vegas is one of the most horrific acts of domestic terrorism that America has ever seen. In addition to sparking conversations about gun control and other political issues, it has increased fear in many Americans who feel helpless against the threat of unknown gunmen. However, none were more directly affected than those who were in the line of fire when the gunman began firing.

It’s impossible to know how you will react in a time of violence and disaster until it actually happens. Even the most well prepared person can easily be a victim by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. With 58 killed and over 500 injured, everyone in the line of fire on that fateful day had a unique and horrifying experience.

One image of a man and a woman lying together as the gunman opened fire has stood out to the millions of Americans who were watching news updates with growing fear and concern. Now, it’s clear that this mystery couple managed to flee the massacre to safety in an incredible display of perseverance.

las vegas couple

Credit: David Becker/Getty Images