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The Next ‘American Horror Story’ Will Be About the 2016 Election

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The scariest AHS is the one that's real

We are currently living through a renewed Golden Age of Television that has been going on since the early 2000s.

Aside from all of the reality TV and bad programming out there, the extensive and bountiful options we have on traditional television, premium programming, and online streaming services have opened up countless worlds of experience like we’ve never seen before on TV.

From documentaries and educational programming to an uptick in nostalgia and sci-fi, and from political and romantic thrillers to an incredible array of sitcoms, our TV and streaming options are virtually endless with channels like FX, HBO, and Showtime and services like Netflix and Amazon leading the way.

And, hate it or not, you’ve probably noticed TV shows becoming increasingly relevant and critical of our societies and politics. Election years and the early months of a new presidency are always filled with nonstop political commentary and coverage, but after American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy alluded to the possibility of having the show’s next season focus on this past election, people were truly terrified. But was he 100% serious?

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Here's the latest news on the potentially political next season