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New Gerber Baby Riley Photos

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Meet Riley!

Last year, Gerber announced their search for a new baby face to plaster their products. After an arduous process of reviewing over 100,000 entries, judges have finally settled on their pick and boy, is he a cutie! Meet Riley Shines (yes, that’s really his last name), a brand new baby who’s stardom comes before he’s barely a year old.

riley shines in hat

Source: Instagram @rileyrazor25

A Gerber spokesperson explained that “Riley was judged on visual appeal, expression and how well he’d represent being the next Gerber Spokesbaby. Gerber judges set out to find children 0-48 months who demonstrate expressiveness and consistency with Gerber’s heritage.” In other words, he’s damn adorable. Riley’s parents entered him into the contest on a whim and were utterly surprised when they heard the good news. “It was a big surprise when we won,” his mother Kristen explained. “We haven’t told our family and friends yet. I’m bursting! It’s a harder secret to keep than when I was pregnant.”

Riley shines with parents

Source: Instagram @rileyrazor25

We believe her! Besides bragging rights, Riley and his family won a $50,000 cash prize and $1,500 in Gerber merchandise. His first year will also be featured on Gerber’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Riley Shines Crawling

Source: Instagram @rileyrazor25

His mother continued to gush about her son saying, “Riley brings such joy to our family with his infectious laugh and big, gummy smile, and we can’t wait to share that joy with the rest of the world,” while his dad joked, “He’s not going to want to talk to us anymore before. He’s flirty to begin with, so I think he’s excited to have more ladies to flirt with”

The original face of Ann Turner Cook, just celebrated her 90th birthday! Hard to believe, right? She has spent her career teaching English and writing mystery novels.

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