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NJ Politician Asks If Female Protesters “Will Be Home to Cook Dinner”

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American politics at its finest, folks...

On Friday, January 20, 2017, Americans watched as our 45th (and potentially last) president was inaugurated while definitely, totally, certainly, without a doubt, absolutely the biggest audience ever to gather for any event in history watched.

Then, the next day, a (much less fictional) giant crowd of women took to the streets all over the world to show that we want equal rights, or healthcare, basic respect, or some other stupid thing like that. Most onlookers cowered in fear, unable to stand up to the aggressive display of feminine rage they were confronted with, but not one man—American hero, Freeholder John Carman of New Jersey.

Just kidding, this guy is the actual worst. While literally millions of women were out making their voices heard and engaging in the most American act possible (protest), this New Jersey freeholder was sitting at home posting misogynistic memes to his Facebook.

Womens March Crowd

Credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images

Joke or sign of disrespect?