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Things That Are Totally Normal In Your Country and Not Anywhere Else

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To You It May Seem Normal...

While traveling to foreign countries you often notice many cultural differences that probably wouldn’t fly back home. Considering the fact that seven and a half billion people occupy 196 different countries in the world today, it’s a safe bet that even the most well-travelled jet setter hasn’t seen them all.

Would you expect/trust a stranger to hold your things on a crowded bus? How about taking pictures of the deceased at funerals and sharing them with friends? Unless you live in certain parts of the world, these things are not normal…

We’ve put together the following gallery of customs and traditions from people all over the world that would probably would be odd to see in your own country. Read on, some of these will shock you!

tai boat market

Credit: Bubbers BB/Shutterstock

How weird can it really get?