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Nostalgic Things That Were Absolutely Ruined by Adulthood

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Remember when?

Never Been Kissed starring Drew Barrymore and David Arquette was one of my favorite movies when I was in high school. I loved watching “Josie Grossie” try to find her place in the high school world. That movie was my jam! Fast forward to a couple of years after hitting the big 2-5, I remember watching Josie reveal that she was actually a 25-year-old news reporter posing as a student. That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks. “Omg, I’m really old.” I can’t believe that at one point in my life I was young enough to think Josie was so old when she revealed her age.

That honestly made me never to want to watch that movie again. What use to be one of my favorite movies quickly became a thing of the past; Totally messed it up for me and ruined childhood memories of being so happy I was so young. A Redditor posed the question, “What nostalgia have you ruined by revisiting?” The comments you are about to read are overflowing with hilarity and sadness at the same time.

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These will bring back major memories