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Best Notes To Leave For Those [email protected]$$ Parkers

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Punishment for Poor Parkers

In most states, kids go through several years of academic and practical training, not to mention physical tests, before they’re allowed alone behind the wheel of a car.

Sadly, this doesn’t explain why there are so many adults on the road that just don’t know how to drive.

What’s worse than a bad driver? Aside from the fact that they are quite literally endangering everybody they pass, there’s nothing more frustrating than watching them drive poorly and disrupt the normal flow of the road. But one of the worst things a bad driver can do happens when they’re not even behind the wheel anymore.

Bad parking jobs might be the bane of your existence. Whether it’s finding your car perilously pinned in by someone’s poor parking or losing a good spot in the first place because someone else has parked diagonally or over the line, a bad parker might even be worse than a bad driver.

We get it: parking is hard. But these hysterical signs left on people’s windshields might just help them improve their parking next time around…

bad parking job note

Source: Imgur/DixOut4Harambe