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NYPD Will Now Allow Officers to Wear Turbans

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Great news!

In an increasingly racist, sexist—and some would say downright idiotic—presidential cabinet, citizens of America seems to be fighting back with gusto to insure a safe and accepting society.

In just the past two weeks, we’ve seen historic marches for Women’s Rights and climate change. Hundreds of thousands of people called, emailed, and sent letters to their Senators to protest Trump’s pick of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. Protests all over the country popped up to fight the #MuslimBan. While we might not be getting the outcomes we want, our fights are not in vain. In fact, outside of the federal level, there’s quite a lot of good news out there!

Sikh officers wearing turbans

Source: Facebook/NYPD

NYPD is now allowing turbans and beards!