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Mom Faces Jail Time After Trying to Stop Her Daughter’s Bullies

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Does she really deserve prison time for this?

Due to awareness-raising efforts about bullying over the past years, parents are more vigilant about identifying when their children are being victimized and doing their best to stop it. Many schools have tried to end bullying as well, but some schools don’t seem to be as responsive. One mom in Virginia took matters into her own hands to find out what was going on in her daughter’s classroom, but she’s the one who wound up behind bars.

Sarah Sims said that her nine-year-old daughter kept complaining to her about bullies in her classroom. Not only that, her teacher wasn’t helping the situation and may have been making it worse. Like any concerned parent would do, Sarah tried to contact the school’s administrative staff, but she got no response after trying over and over again. So, she took another step…

Prison Cell Block

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