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Doctors Pulled a Cockroach Out of Her Ear, but Her Nightmare Continued Nine Days Later

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"Apparently what the ER removed was not the entire roach"

What is your worst nightmare?

Both personal experiences, dubious viral stories from the web, weird world news reports, and the public imagination from various works of fiction from Hollywood and beyond have likely contributed to your deepest and darkest fears. For many of us, the scary images and iconography we saw as children have likely stuck with us to some extent, from movies like The Exorcist and Jaws to urban legends like “The Babysitter” (the call is coming from inside the house!), eerie tales and visuals have the uncanny ability to stay with us for much of our lives, even well beyond the age when it’s socially acceptable to be frightened by such trivial things. Even the psychological thriller and horror sensation that is Stephen King’s It (both the novel and the TV and film adaptations, respectively) is entirely based off the concept of our worst fears manifesting in some supernatural, alien form to haunt us. After all, they say that there’s nothing to fear except fear itself.

But for most humans, even the most natural or quotidian of people, places, and things can ingrain themselves in our minds and metamorphose into the stuff of nightmares. Who didn’t have a bad experience with a certain animal or even a room of the house (basement or attic, anyone?) as a child, only to still feel an aversion to that particular creature or place years later? It’s in our human nature—perhaps from our most animalistic of survival instincts—to be afraid. And sometimes, it’s for a very good reason.

There are some things in life that nobody ever wants to experience. The death of a loved one, for example, or getting fired from a job you love (or need), or becoming gravely injured, or having an animal burrow itself deep into the orifices of your body. Say what? Yes, you read that right. And if you shuddered just a bit, this very real story of what happened to one young woman in Florida may not be something you feel like reading today. But what do you say, are you ready for a new nightmare?

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