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Parents Angered Over Campaign Fighting for Kids’ Rights

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You don't own me

When do a parent’s rights end and a kid’s begin?

It’s a complicated matter when your son or daughter literally came out of your body and is genetically part you, or even if you are not biologically related but still their legal guardian. You most likely care for them, provide for them, and protect them. In many cases, you gave them life.

But how long until what they do is no longer your decision?

And we’re not talking about things like dating or drinking or staying out late. We’re talking about hugging, kissing, and showing other common signs of affection.

A new campaign is helping kids (and supportive adults) rally for their own rights, but parents are pretty split on the subject. Keep reading to learn about the movement that’s telling kids it’s okay not to hug their own family members.

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Where do you stand?