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Parents Reveal The Biggest Fears They Have About Raising Their Kids

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A Scary Thought

There are endless joys in being a parent. Getting to watch someone grow from birth into adulthood before your eyes, helping shape their lives and decisions, and being there for emotional support can be extremely rewarding. So rewarding, in fact, that many people devote their entire lives to parenting and children. It’s no secret that there are some serious rewards in having children.

But, as everyone knows, it’s not all flowers and daisies. There’s a reason parents are called superheroes — raising children can be as demanding as it is rewarding. For first time parents, the changes and demands of parenthood can be daunting to say the least. Many don’t know what to expect.

These frightened parents hopped on Whisper to open up about their biggest fears when it comes to raising children. From not being good enough to raising their children improperly, they shared their worries about making their children’s lives the best they could be.

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