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Brother and Sister Unwittingly Had Incestuous Relationship and Now Are Fighting For Their Daughter

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An accidental taboo

Once upon a time, in a few societies, no one batted an eye at relatives marrying each other. In fact, it was common practice. Royalty would do it to preserve their bloodline, like in ancient Rome, Japan, Egypt, amongst others. These days, most of us think of incest as revolting, even though you can go down a rabbit hole of messages boards full of people that support it.

Why do we abhor incest? Well The Westermarck effect is the idea that humans appear to become sexually disinterested in those with whom they spent most of their early life. Another major factor against mating with a close relative is the fact that there are high odds of their offspring having various congenital birth defects.

So basically, nature is telling us not to get physical with our family. But what if you didn’t grow up with your sibling but met them as a complete stranger, then fell in love? That’s what happened with this French couple. Now they’re fighting the law.

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