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Parents of Children With Disabilities Share Their Darkest Secrets

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It takes a special person to care for the disabled

Science is getting closer and closer to allowing pregnant couples to know exactly what their children are going to be like through genetic testing. These tests can tell you superficial traits as well as if the child will have a disability. This has led potential parents to wondering if they would terminate the pregnancy if they knew beforehand that their future child would require 24/7 care for their entire life due to a disability. If you were told that the child you were expecting would never live a normal life or even be able to function without a caregiver, would you still give birth?

Those who care for a disabled person can tell you what it’s like to give up a part of yourself to another person. Some have no regrets about birthing their kids, yet others feel perpetually bound to someone who can’t understand what a burden they are. It’s hard to imagine feeling disdain towards family members. According to some of these parents, they can’t help but think that their disabled child would have been better off if they lost their lives long ago. There’s no doubt that caring for someone who can’t care for themselves is taxing, but it can be downright draining if you have no assistance. Fortunately, not every story is a sad one.

Here are some deep, dark confessions (and some heartfelt revelations) from parents raising disabled children.

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Some parents can't help but to give care, while others just feel exhausted