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Parents Admit the Biggest Secrets They Keep From Their Kids

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What won't you tell your kids?

Does your family keep secrets?

As we grow up, we learn pretty quickly that keeping a secret, or at least refraining from telling the entire painful truth to somebody, can have its benefits. Whether it’s softening the blow for another or honoring someone’s request for silence, secrets may very well be inherent to human nature.

Do you keep secrets to protect people? They say that ignorance is bliss, and nowhere is this more true than during childhood. In fact, many parents dedicate themselves to protecting their children’s innocence for as long as possible. More often than not, this means telling certain lies that make the world a prettier place, or otherwise withholding certain truths that might reveal its occasional ugliness. And sometimes, we just don’t want them to learn about our pasts.

What stories won’t you tell your kids? And what secrets do you think your parents keep from you?

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These are their secrets