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Parents Share Their Kid’s Dark Secrets They’re Too Afraid to Talk About

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Always clear your internet browser history.

At first, having a child might just feel like you’ve created a tiny human in your likeness whom you can dress any way you please before taking all the adorable pictures your heart desires. You even chose this small person’s name!

But as the years pass, children grow into individuals, whether or not you like how they turn out. And like all other humans on the planet, they come with their own personality, proclivities, and secrets.

It’s normal to want to know everything there is to know about your children, but experts would agree it’s healthy to keep secrets, especially when living in the same household for years, and especially when your child is going through the many complicated transitions of adolescence. But do you keep secrets from your kids? And what do you do when you find out a secret about your own child that you’re too afraid or disgusted to ask them about?

Your kid didn’t erase your internet browser history? Found a crusty sock in the laundry? The parents of Reddit have seen it all. Here are the worst things they’ve found out.

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