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Parents Share the One Thing They Regret Ever Telling Their Kids

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Children will listen

You’ve heard it said that kids say the darndest things… but most of the time, it’s the parents teaching them to say those things in the first place.

Learning a language is one of the strangest processes on the planet, as any adult who has tried to learn a second or third language well knows. But as children, our brain has the remarkable ability to hear sounds and pair them with meaning that comes to form our understanding of the world. This complex gift sets us apart from all other life forms on the planet, even if we take it for granted.

While it’s oh-so-adorable to hear your child mutter those first precious words — “mama,” “dada,” or, in the case of a girl I know, “truck” — before you know it (if you’re not careful), they turn to some very different four letter words. And then your child’s innocence is lost forever.

Whether it was something they muttered under their breath, only to have their kid later parrot, or even if it was some bad advice they wish they hadn’t shared, these are the things parents most regret ever telling their kids.

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