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Parents Reveal Secrets Their Kids Didn’t Know

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What you don't know might hurt your parents.

Parents are here to protect and serve their kids. When you bring a little human into the world, it is your responsibility to teach them, help them grow, and… keep their secrets, even the secrets they don’t know they have.

From striking in public to giving themselves bad hair cuts to eating worms on the play-ground, a child can accrue a long list of things they don’t want anyone to know. Of course, once they grow up, they won’t remember; you, as their parent, will though. As children grow into teenagers and young adults, they can run through life recklessly, affecting things they didn’t even know about. From doubling your car insurance payments because they ran over the neighbor’s mail box to having you late for work after your final warning because they absolutely needed McDonalds that morning, off-spring can unknowingly cause some huge issues.

As good parents, you shield them from the harsh reality around them, but you can’t hold it in forever. These parents dug deep and released the deepest, darkest secrets their children never knew.

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Read each dirty little detail for yourself.