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Parents Who Regret Having Kids Share Their Stories

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Not everyone was meant to be a parent

A child may be a blessing to some people, but to others children can be the ultimate burden. Having your life revolve around the care of another person (who may or may not understand what you’re giving up for them) can definitely be tough; this reality explains why birth rates are down among most of the civilized world. Getting married and having babies is no longer the center of our society, and raising a child is not as detrimental to the survival of our species as it used to be.

It would seem that people just don’t have time, money, or energy after working long hours to support themselves, much less a little one. Plenty of parents out there will tell you that they should have never had a child, for the sacrifices cost them far too much. Here are a few parents in particular.

Parents with Newborn Baby

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If only they could go back, they would have been far more cautious