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People are Drinking Their Own Pee Because Health Trends Have Gone Too Far

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Humans have officially gone too far

It seems like people will try anything in pursuit of healthful living these days. Seriously. Anything. Bitter green juices, Whole 30 challenges, and the “30 Bananas a Day” diet (which is real, FYI, Google it) all sounded bad enough, but the newest health fad to come to my attention is maybe the worst. Yes, “clean living” has officially gone off the damn rails because there are people out there are drinking their own pee.

Seriously. These people are going to pee while holding a cup down there to collect the pee, then bring the cup to their lips and drink it. I am so upset about it.

Why are they doing this? They have their reasons.

Little Cherub Fountain Peeing

Credit: Anibal Trejo/Shutterstock

Can drinking pee make you healthy?