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People Are Regretting Voting for Trump Already

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Guess what? We told you so.

This was a very rough election season. Many elections throughout recent history have caused arguments among friends, but they all seemed to have worked out in the end. This particular election was incredibly divisive, so much so that more people protested in the streets worldwide than attended the inauguration. Donald Trump has been called many things by his critics, but those who voted for him saw him as a man who would restore America back to a time when local manufacturers made wares to be sold only in this country, when immigrants weren’t able to get into the country and thrive as easily, and when it was apparently “great.”

But Donald Trump, in his infinite wisdom, has already ruffled the feathers of even his greatest supporters by backtracking on his originally empty and vague promises and creating more conflicts than anyone wanted to get into. So whenever they use his own favorite method of communication to tell him that they now disapprove of him, one Twitter account has stepped up to retweet all of those massive regrets now piling up.

Donald Trump Inauguration

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Pretty much anyone would have been better than him, we can all agree on that.