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People Recall the Most Cringeworthy Pickup Lines Used on Them

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Hey, baby, you're looking fine tonight

Dating isn’t easy, and it almost makes being in a relationship or just remaining single despite being lonely look appealing. Almost. Trying to meet someone you don’t even know hoping to make a love connection is difficult and stressful even though it’s supposed to be a fun time. Dating apps like Tinder and OkCupid have tried to help us by showing us who is definitely single out there, letting them tell us who they are and what they’re looking for, and there doesn’t have to be a word exchanged until you’re ready. Guesswork done. Kinda. But sometimes you see that one person in real life that you just have to talk to, and the game of trying to have a conversation that leads up to asking for a date is on.

Speaking of the dating game, when you’re the one getting hit on, it can be rather painful. That one creepy or really drunk person thinks they’ve got swagger for days and they can make anyone swoon when really they’re just all-around offensive and annoying. It’s even worse when you can’t shake them, and they just follow you around ruining your night. It makes me tense up just thinking about. These people just had to tell the world about the times creeps picked them and wouldn’t let up. And it’s not pretty.

guy trying to kiss girl denied

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These dudes have no game at all.