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People Share the Common Parenting Mistakes That Are Sure to Mess Kids Up

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The only victims are the kids

No matter what you do, someone will always tell you that you’re raising your kid wrong. It’s a fact of life, and it’s become even more obvious since the dawn of parenting forums on the internet. Heck, it’s not even safe to post updates about or pictures of your kids on social media anymore, lest someone start attacking you over the clothes your kids are wearing, the snack they’re enjoying, or the bubbles in their bathwater.

Behind all this criticism is the simple truth that people are generally somewhat unhappy and somewhat full of themselves, so it’s easier to attack another person over their parenting choices—or choices in general—than to accept that their way is not the only way to raise a child. Angry and fragile as they may be, they deserve to be loved, anyway.

But sometimes the behaviors we see other parents employing might be truly alarming. And I’m not talking anything physical or illegal; no, these behaviors go deeper. You should be able to raise your children any way you want within the limits of the law, but not all parenting techniques are created equal, and these common behaviors may be the worst of all.

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