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DQ Exposed: People Share Hilarious Dairy Queen Upside Down Blizzard Fails

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Bottoms Up

If a business makes a promise, they’d sure as heck better follow through with it.

Since its debut in 1985, the signature Dairy Queen Blizzard has become a fan favorite. In its first year alone, DQ sold more than 100 million Blizzards. Starting at that time, a popular and puzzling policy—though up to the discretion of franchise owners—has been to flip the Blizzard upside down before serving it to show how thick and cold the concoction is. Should the worker fail to do this—or should the ice cream fall out of the cup—the customer is entitled to one free Blizzard. What a concept!

Of course, the Blizzard doesn’t always hold up for the employee, leading to some pretty disastrous (and delicious) situations. People who actually witnessed these upside down blizzard fails shared their stories.

dairy queen upside down blizzard fails

Source: Dairy Queen; Reddit