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All in the Family: People Share Their Most Embarrassing Family Stories

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Get ready to cringe

No one can quite embarrass you like a family member.

There are a few competing theories as to why. The first is that it’s much harder to just walk away from them and never look back. That’s strong, but it’s losing ground to the idea that everyone around you knows that you come from the same genetic soup that produced that hot mess.

Another reason might be that it’s a lot harder to call your own family on being embarrassing. After all, they have a ledger of every humiliating thing you’ve ever done in your entire life to fire back with.

Somehow, the gluttons for punishment over at Reddit hadn’t received enough cringe from interacting with their own families so they went in search of more. Redditors poured in with stories that ranged from mildly shameful to mortifying so that internet strangers could laugh along with them. Here are the best of ’em!

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