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People Share the Biggest Secrets Their Family Kept From Them

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They couldn't believe it...

Family secrets keep family histories interesting. Elders aren’t keeping certain things hidden to spice up their family’s biography though. In efforts to keep a member out of prison, keep a sacred relationship afloat, or spear the family image, families will probably never stop feeling the need to bury certain happenings and facts.

As with anything that should be kept mum, in order to keep a secret within a family, it’s essential not to tell anyone who might let the secret slip. Well, someone messed up when they told these Redditors.

These Reddit users grew up, learned their family’s deepest, darkest, strangest secrets, and now they can’t keep them to themselves. This is probably why no one wanted to tell them in the first place. That shouldn’t stop you from reading though… Have fun!

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