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People Are #DefyingDeVos by Sharing Memories of Their Favorite Teachers

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Fact: Teachers change lives

Now that Betsy DeVos has been confirmed as Education Secretary despite widespread concern over her qualifications, Americans have been speaking out about the value of education in this country. The heart of the educational system is our teachers. Although teachers tend to get a bad reputation in pop culture, it’s undeniable that they have one of the most important jobs in our society. It sounds cliché, but they really do mold young minds. A good education from a great teacher really does have the power to change a life, and that’s something that Americans can’t forget. Here are some stories that truly illustrate the difference a teacher can make, all in the name of #DefyingDeVos.

Tina Fey in Mean Girls with other Teachers

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These stories will you remind you how important a good teacher can be